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Aliens: The Abduction of Sue Sill: Shocking Testimony

Date: January, 2016 Place: Huddersfield, England. Sue Sill (57) is a humble woman from Huddersfield, England. This small town surrounded by green meadows is one of the most known hotspots of UFO activity in the European country. Ms. Sill says she has filmed and photographed dozens of strange lights in the sky, and also affirms that she was abducted in 2010. In a recent interview, ....

Aliens: Sue Sill Wants to Prove We Are Not Alone in the Universe

Sue Sill, a 57-year-old resident of Outlane, Huddersfield, England  is a true believer. On January of 2016, she filmed a light in the sky near her home. The woman said that she was at the house with her sister-in-law, who saw the bright light over the top of Sue's house. The woman grabbed her camera and made sure the evidence was on tape. There are a couple of videos showing the UFO in t ....

Aliens: Decomposed Entity Seen in Indiana

A couple of strange events separated by approximately 48 hours occurred in Highland, Indiana. It was almost midnight on 10 July 2015, and a young couple were getting ready to go to bed. She was already reading a book, when he heard strange noises coming from the living room. According to the witness, it sounded like “multiple taps on glass”. He decided to go and check what was going on, b ....

UFOs reported in Cameron County, Pennsylvania

It was late at night in Gibson, a small town in Cameron County, Pennsylvania. Everything seemed normal, until Cindy asked her husband to go outside and take a few pictures of another beautiful winter sunset. But she had no idea of how extraordinary that sunset was going to be. Cindy’s husband headed to the backyard with his camera and immediately noticed that there were two motionless round obj ....

Aliens: Academics to Debate Abductions at UFO Conference

PHOENIX. USA - Two former university professors and a pair of certified therapists will debate the controversial topic of alien abduction at next month's International UFO Congress in Scottsdale, Arizona. However, the topic for debate is probably not what you think. They will not be debating whether or not aliens are abducting humans - to this group alien abduction is a foregone conclu ....

Manipulative Aliens: Girlfriend in Flint, Michigan Abducted Again

There have been numerous reports of humans having been abducted by regressive aliens that seek to perform experiments against humans.

The following is an unedited report--

Date of Event: 2016-01-19 - 12:00AM
Place of Event: Flint, Michigan, USA

(MUFON) -- I was at my girlfriend's house, laying bed with her. I happened to glance up and saw the being. My girlfriend had told ....

Alien Prods British Resident Then Kills His Dog

My question is why would anyone follow an apparent 'spooky' alien to his "space-shed"?

The following is an alleged alien abduction report -

Date of Event - 2016-01-06 - 2:16PM
Place of Event: Wimborne, Great Britiain

(MUFON) -- The ufo disguised as a shed landed, the tall lanky figure with black crusty headgear approached me at night after exiting his shed-like sp ....

Human Extraterrestrials Vist and Mingle on Earth

Have humans existed and continue to exist in time-space other than Earth? Dr Michael Salla has documented reported Human Extraterrestrial visits to Earth. Dr. Salla notes Adamski’s famous Desert Center meeting with an extraterrestrial emerging from a ‘scout ship’ on November 20, 1952 was seen by six witnesses who signed affidavits confirming Adamski’s version of events in his subsequent ....

UFO Passes Quickly Over El Cajon, California

Date of sighting: January 14, 2016
Location of sighting: El Cajon, California, USA
Source: MUFON #73895

(UFOSightingsDaily.com) -- Here is a great catch of a UFO shooting past a contrail of a jet to investigate it. UFOs monitor the closest things to them, and things that fly interest them a lot. I have tried similar techniques of recording planes and have caught UFOs fly past a few ti ....

World's Largest UFO Conference Returns to the Phoenix Area

(OpenMinds.tv) -- The International UFO Congress is the Guinness World Record holding largest UFO conference and it is held right here in the Phoenix area. The conference will be held from February 16 to 21, 2016 and it features lectures from scientists, professors, journalists, authors, researchers, TV personalities, and even a politician; all with an interest in the topics of UFOs or ....

Near Death Experience Opens Gateway For Aliens in Nation's Capital

(MUFON) -- My father's "Near Death Experience" many years ago could be connected to unusual and possibly paranormal activity around my parent's home.

Many years ago, he had a "Near Death" reported "out-of-body" experience in the hospital.

The "entities" who "saved him" seemed to have put him on some kind of "mission".

These entities seemed to have continued to ....

Alien Home Invasion: North Dakota Witness Records Entity

In the following MUFON report, a witness video recorded a regressive alien home invasion.  Are elites on our planet Earth covering-up experiments that are being conducted against humans?  Dr. Michael Salla has suggested that human elites and aliens have contractual Agreements with one another that has approved such alien intrusions in exchange for commercially profitable technology.....

UFO News Reports: Donate To Our Fund

Are you interested in UFO news?  You're invited to help support our efforts to spread further social awareness on news reports related to UFOs and aliens.  The Canadian features a unique section on UFO and Exopolitics.  "Click" HERE to make a donation. ....

UFO: Fighter Jets Chase Orange-Blue Object Says British Columbia Witness

Event Date - 2016-01-07 - 2:05AM - Sooke, British Columbia

(MUFON) -- I was in my bedroom on the second floor listening to music when I looked out my window to stare off like I usually do when I am bored. I stared awhile when I saw a star that appeared "off" I went outside and lost sight of it. A few hours later I looked back out my window and saw it again moving (seemed lo ....

UFO: California Resident Witnesses Alien Activity

Sighting - 2015-12-31 - 10:15PM

(MUFON) -- I was waiting at a stop light as I noticed three strange lights over head. I pulled over in a parking lot to stop and observe and take photos. As I was watching the three craft hovering two of them started moving straight up and away from me their lights getting smaller and smaller as they flew out of my sight. The third stage where it was ....

UFO Comes Close to International Space Station

Date of sighting: January 1, 2015
Location of sighting: Earths orbit at ISS

Here is a UFO found by Streetcap1 of Youtube when watching the live Internet ISS cam. Its a great close up of a UFO. This is one hell of a way to start out the new year with a big bang! Nice one Streetcap1.

I can tell from its colouration matching that of the space station that this is a solid object, not ....

Human Extraterrestrial Sightings Suggests Humans Did Not Evolve From Apes

The world has been waiting and looking for a possible way of explaining how humans really came into existence. This wait was almost ended when Darwin’s Theory of Evolution was propounded. For a very long time now, Darwin’s Theory of Human Evolution has been believed by many people especially the scientists. It has been the belief of many including Darwin that humans were really once apes and w ....

Alien Object Flies Between Earth and Sun

Date of sighting: December 28, 2015 11:12
Location of sighting: Between Earth and Sun

This photo came from the SOHO C2 camera and shows an alien ship flying past Earth. This UFO is huge! About half a km in length. Thats about 800 metres across. Great find by Streetcap1. I put the photo into negative formate because its easier to make out its detail.

Streetcap1 of Youtube states:....