UFO: Ottawa witness reports Triangle with orange burst


An Orleans witness reports that he or she saw a triangle UFO burst into Earth’s atmosphere with an orange glow over Ottawa at about 11:10 PM on 5 May 2012 according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. Orleans is a suburb in the eastern part of Ottawa, Canada.

The witness reports that he or she saw the UFO after he or she saw the super moon.

"I was departing a friend's home, standing in his driveway looking up at the super moon directly in front of us."

The witness elaborated the appearance of the Moon.
"Moon was high, quite bright and appeared normal in size."

The witness reported turning.
"Turning to our left, facing the northeast, we saw a bright orange light - it was hard to tell if it was stationary or not."

The witness first thought that he or she might be seeing some discernible terrestrial object.

"I thought it was a satellite being illuminated by the sun below the horizon, but it was not moving fast enough."

The witness then reconsidered.
"I then thought it could be a flare, again, it appeared rather stationary - and, no smoke trails or arc in the trajectory of the light."

The witness originally thought that they were seeing a plane.

"The light then blinked out. My friend suggested it was just a plane - but no plane I know has orange approach lights."

More information?  Go to: http://www.examiner.com/article/ufo-ottawa-area-witness-reports-triangle-cruising-over-canada-s-capital?cid=db_articles

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