Human-looking Extraterrestrials: UFO-logy's best kept secret

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Anyone drawn to the modern UFO phenomenon will find an abundance of experts and authorities claiming that serious UFOlogy is focused either on sightings of unusual aerial phenomena (UFOs); human abductions by strange grey looking aliens; or secret UFO crash retrieval operations.

To this day, many UFOlogists will act as “gate-keepers” dismissing, if not vigorously attacking, any claims of physical contact with human looking extraterrestrials - regardless of any supporting evidence. In this regard, UFOlogy and its leading proponents are perpetrating a grand deception orchestrated, to some degree, by the same military-intelligence-corporate authorities that are keeping the truth about extraterrestrial life from the public.

The truth about human looking extraterrestrials directly contacting private individuals, and government/military authorities for that matter, has been UFOlogy’s best kept secret.

Thanks to cases like Friendship now emerging that secret is slowly unraveling, and a more comprehensive exopolitical understanding of extraterrestrial life and its real impact on Earth will be reached.

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The best known case, the Billy Meier case in Switzerland involved human extraterrestrials where his main ET contacts were Asket and Semjase who came from different planets where the population looks similar to people in Germany/Scandinavia. Billy Meier also had contact with other ET races, members of the Plejaran federation, living in the Lyra star constellation. These races had brown skin color. Alena from the planet SATER had light brow skin . Menara from around Vega had dark brown skin. Bottom line, they all looked similar to various races we have on Earth.
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