Freedom To Hate?


A case is before the Supreme Court of Canada to determine the rights of individuals to express their opinion though it may be hurtful or hateful to others.

Source: CBC News Report: Top court weighs free speech vs. hate protection

As a gay man I have personally experienced the verbal denigration and abuse from others attributable to their deep rooted hatred and ignorance toward those of us that make up the LGBT community here in Canada. To reflect my frustration stemming from the fact that such expression of hatred is still allowed to be present in a country that advocates equality in human rights and acceptance of diversity. I contribute the following:

Free To Hate?

The ubiquitous words that socially permeate
Are derived from a wayward voice of hate
Directed to the general public with intent to instigate
So those of like mind will congregate

The message presented is beyond banality
Focusing on the matter of homosexuality
That broaches the defined line of criminality
When hatefully demonizing people's sexuality

The high-courts are charged to ultimately litigate
Whether another can choose publicly to castigate
With divisive and hateful words to intimidate
For many, a verdict that will assuredly resonate

The true matter is not limiting expression of a point of view
It’s the question of how it is conveyed to me and you
It is why books are written and are suppose to do
So others freely decide to read it or just ignore it too

Words composed of hate if allowed to publicly infiltrate
Will only serve to cause pain and segregate
That is why it is important to quickly mitigate
Before such destructive words eventually dominate.

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