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Protest and Globalisation: Prospects for Transnational Solidarity by James Goodman explores military and corporate power in relation to ‘globalisers’.

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Few topics raise such heated debates as the issues surrounding globalization. This apparent move toward a world where states and societies increasingly behave as if they were operating in a global territory is seen by many as representing an emerging system of governance where international organizations—such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Transnational Corporations, the World Bank, and the United Nations—serve as agents working within a quasi-constitutional framework. Many see globalization and its associated issues as the fundamental challenges of our epoch.

How did the world get to this present state of interconnectedness? Some suggest that the nation-state has been a part of a larger international system for centuries and that international integration is an important part of a long-term trend. Others say the contemporary state of affairs is a major transformation in world history, while still others dismiss globalization as a convenient myth constructed to justify the creation of a free market and spread of Anglo-American capitalism throughout the major economic regions of the world. Following the analysis of traditional Marxism, they assert that globalization is being used as a guise for expansionist capitalism.

Internet site reference: http://globalization.icaap.org/content/v5.2/dunklin.html

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