Alison Redford returns PC Party to Progressive Traditions

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( -- When Alison Redford speaks about human rights, it’s from a perspective of someone who has lived the dilemmas and seen the strife around the world. She understands how important it is to maintain an inclusive and welcoming Alberta because it is the Alberta she believes in. How do I know this? Because I’ve had many conversations with her about it. When we go to events together, like the ones in the photos I’ve uploaded, it’s not for a photo op.

Alison actually enjoys meeting new people and learning about other cultures. And that’s extremely important to me. Alberta deserves a leader that can not only represent Alberta, but can lead Alberta moving forward as we continue to build respectful relationships with the rest of Canada, and the world. Alison Redford was the best choice for Premier of Alberta.

I became a PC party member in 2007 when my friend and mentor, Teresa Woo-Paw, decided to run for nomination in the riding of Calgary-Mackay where we both live. As most of my friends and acquaintances might remember, it was a shock to everyone that someone like myself, extremely socially progressive, would consider even voting Conservative let alone volunteering for them. But I found the experience very rewarding. Like many Albertans, I wasn’t very happy with some of the ‘old boys club’ type of politics that ran our province, and I honestly wasn’t sure whether I would actively participate in the 2012 election.

But, then Alison Redford put her name forward to run for the party. And like many socially progressive Albertans, I was ecstatic about the breath of fresh air that she brought to the potential leadership of the province.

Over the course of the past year it has been my honour and privilege to volunteer on Alison Redford’s campaign. First, as she put her bid in to lead the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta, and then, after successfully winning, and becoming Premier of Alberta, to volunteer to do what I am most passionate about; engaging communities in dialogue.

With this, came the opportunity over the past month to attend a number of events and watch Alison and some of the other PC candidates in action. And through this experience I learned a lot about who I am, what I value for myself and my family, and where I’d like to see our province be in the future.

I am proud ofbeing Canadian and very proud of being an Albertan, born and raised in Calgary. I am happy that my family chose to immigrate to Calgary in the 1960s from India and Pakistan. I think it’s hilarious that my Uncle Husain chose Calgary because he was a geoligist and a polo player. He believed Alberta had the best oil & gas industry in Canada, and Calgary had, by far, the best polo grounds in the Nation (both are true, of course). Mostly, I am proud of how inclusive and welcoming Alberta has been to my loved ones, and how many wonderful opportunities Alberta has provided my cousins, my brother and I. 

Simply put, Alison has integrity. No one ever doubts how smart she is. She could have chosen any career in the world, but she chose to be a human rights lawyer, assisting people around the world in ways I could only dream of. She worked alongside Nelson Mandela and has taken assignments in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Namibia, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Afghanistan. Quite frankly, going to those countries, under those conditions frightens me, and Alison’s bravery in chosing to go there leaves me in awe.

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