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Are you a restaurant owner?  Advertorials offer restaurants with an alternative to having to wait for independent reviews from newspapers and magazines. offers an advertorial review service for restaurant owners seeking to boost marketing.

If you're not using advertorials to promote your restaurant, you're missing out on a powerful marketing tool.

As it's name implies, an advertorial is a cross between an editorial and an advertisement. Unlike traditional advertisements, advertorial copy is educational. markets itself as a leading distributor of advertorials for businesses across Canada, and also internationally, and including the United States. offers advertorials in online publications, and also in the printed editions of published newspapers and magazines.

Advertorials are effective. While the cost for the ad space is the same as a conventional ad, advertorials have a lot more attention getting power. In fact, according to legendary copywriter, Joe Vitale, advertorials are up to 500 times more likely to be read than a straight ad. Not only does it look like it's from the editor, considered an objective source of information, it has what the reader wants, information on a subject they' interested in.

Advertorials work especially well when your product requires an explanation, and for product launches.

Elements to Include for an Effective Advertorial

1. A great headline, preferably something newsworthy, that fits the publication's style. While the headline needs to grab attention, it should also match the publication's look and feel so that it fits in. This adds to the reader's initial belief that it's an editorial, not an advertisement.

2. Strong opening paragraph. Make the first paragraph strong enough to get them into the rest of the copy.

3. Valuable content. The majority of the copy should be educational in nature, describing a problem and how to resolve it. Use scientific studies, statistics, and quotes from independent, industry experts (don't mention your product or company within the body of the copy).

4. Compelling copy. Although educational, the copy still must be compelling to keep the reader engaged.

5. Interesting subheads. Break up the copy with interesting subheads to make it easy to read.

6. Product tie-in. The last couple of paragraphs of the advertorial is where you introduce your product. Include information on how it's a solution to the problem discussed, and why it's unique, or more effective, than competitive products.

7. Company positioning. Position your company as the leader in the industry. This is not a hard-sell so maintain the educational tone when discussing your product and company.

8. Call to action. Let them know where and how to buy it. Give the order telephone number; direct them to a web page for retail store availability; or provide a web landing page to order direct.

9. Photographs, graphics, and quotes from industry experts that back up your claims.

Whether you sell direct, through retail stores, or other distribution channels, advertorials are a great way to generate interest and sales for your company.

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